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Open Positions at SeekingSitters - An Oklahoma Works Segment by KTUL

Check out some of the open positions featured on KTUL's "Oklahoma Works" segment.

See the Spyglass, Trust the Sitter

Learn more about the Spyglass Safety Seal and our commitment to safety.

Affordable and Effective CPR/FA Training

Check out our latest partnership to help you get CPR and First-Aid Certified to become a professional babysitter!

Tulsa's Favorite Childcare Service

Check out why SeekingSitters has been named the top babysitting service in Tulsa!

Virtual Summer Camp Fun!

With SeekingSitters At-Home Summer Camp, parents can rest easy knowing that their children will be engaged in fun and new activities each day of the week from the comfort and safety of their own home!

SeekingSitters as Tulsa's Favorite Babysitting Service

SeekingSitters has been recognized as Tulsa's favorite childcare service!

Fun At-Home Summer Camp Activities!

With many children being stuck inside this summer, SeekingSitters has launched a program to help keep children entertained named "At Home Summer Camp". This article explains some of the fun activities for this week and ideas for weeks to come!

At Home Summer Camp

At Home Summer Camp is an organized summer event where children will be paired with one another, virtually, to complete fun activities.

TulsaWorld: New Nonprofit Gives Foster, Adoptive, and Reuniting Parents Respite Care by Ginnie Graham

Find out what SeekingSitters is doing to help families most in need of quality child care.

Building a Career Through Babysitting

Find out how one of our babysitters built her business career starting from a part-time babysitting job during college.

Watching Over The Kids

What is SeekingSitters doing to protect your children and their babysitters?

How to Protect Against COVID-19 and What to Do If You Catch It

What are the best precautionary steps that help prevent catching COVID-19, and what should you do if you believe you have COVID-19?

How to Make Effective Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Learn how to stay healthy this cold and flu season by making your very own hand sanitizer, as well as the best methods to actively fight against unwanted germs!

Who's Knocking at Your Door? Background 'Checks' and the Gig Economy

Do you really know who you are inviting into your home when you get a babysitter from just any "trustworthy and safety conscious" website?

Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places

What are the unexpected benefits of babysitting? Find out how meeting new people can be a source of inspiration. 

Taking Time to Communicate With Your Partner: Date Night

Explore the ways in which going on regular or occasional date nights can improve communication with your significant other.

The Unexpected Facets of Babysitting

Discover how someone can learn new skills and improve certain traits through becoming a babysitter.

The Importance of Taking Time for Regular Dates

This article explains the importance of taking frequent date nights as it pertains to the longevity of a healthy relationship.

The Joys of Babysitting

This article explores the reasons behind choosing babysitting over other career paths.

How a Babysitter Becomes Family

Discover the transition from babysitter to grandmother figure and the fun activities that come along with babysitting.

Connections in Child Care

This article explores the connections that are formed in the field of child care.

Supporting our Local Foster Families

SeekingSitters is working to build Foster Support through respite care fund and resources for foster and adoptive families. Respite care involves short term or temporary care for a few hours or weeks, designed to provide relief to the regular caregiver.

Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers

Learn how to create custom pencil toppers with pipe cleaners and other common household items!

Robyn, Ella, and Victor
From Making Money to Making Memories

Why working as a babysitter means so much more than just making money.

Where are they Now?

An inside look into how SeekingSitters can change lives.

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