Deaunica Goodwin, a babysitter of thirteen years for SeekingSitters, has had many different experiences during her time as a babysitter. As an only child, she looked for ways to connect with younger children, so she began by babysitting her younger cousins and children of family friends. Eventually, Deaunica wanted to further her passion for caring for children by becoming a professional babysitter. She says that this helped her develop an insight into various different family structures, cultures, and lifestyles. Due to her long time career with SeekingSitters, Deaunica has gone through life changes over the course of her thirteen years with SeekingSitters.

As one of her longest standing events, Deaunica is a favorite at Covenant Church in Colleyville, TX. She has been with the church for so long now that she has seen some of the children grow up from infants to teenagers. She says that she is proud of the young adults that they are becoming and that she doesn't feel any greater joy than when one of the kids she looks after or used to look after runs to her and shouts, "Miss Dee!" while giving her a hug. Due to the amount of time she has spent at this church, she has made it her own personal church home and frequently babysits there for group events. However, this is not the only impact that babysitting has had on her life thus far.

Deaunica began babysitting a three year old child, Nadia, roughly seven years ago that has changed her life forever. She says that Nadia has "had an impact on [her] life with all of the peace, love, and positivity that she has shared." The impact that Nadia has had on Deaunica's life has prompted her to hope for a daughter that is just like Nadia: fun, loving, caring, patient, kind, respectful, silly, sweet, and overall positive. Deaunica has shared with Nadia's mother that, if she has a daughter, she would like to name her daughter after Nadia. Recently though, Deaunica has started to pursue another passion of hers.

Along with her passion for caring for children, she has always loved animals, specifically dogs. She is currently working to obtain her Veterinarian Technician Certification to look after animals. One of the parents of a child that she previously babysat is a veterinarian and has offered his assistance to help Deaunica gain her certification. While she pursues this passion of hers, she still finds time occasionally to reconnect with children through SeekingSitters. She has said that she will never forget the friendships that she has obtained over her years with SeekingSitters and that it has been a blessing to "work with such great people through such a great company".