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As a mom of young children, I personally know the anxious anticipation when awaiting the sitter, wondering if she has been screened properly, does she have her CPR and First Aid, will she engage with my children. But the minute the door opens with a SeekingSitters Professional Sitter and we see the bright pink SeekingSitters t-shirt with the SAFETY SEAL on front and S.T.Y.L.E. bag, my worries are alleviated. I immediately remember the process that the sitter undergoes and know that she wouldn’t be wearing the safety seal if she hadn’t passed all the tests to become a SeekingSitters referred Professional Sitter and earn the coveted spyglass safety seal of approval.

We treat every screening this way: We wouldn't send a sitter into your home that we wouldn't be comfortable having in our own!

Private Investigator, Founder & Mom
Our Spyglass Safety Seal
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A background check can literally mean ANYTHING these days. And what other companies are doing for their so called "background checks" is appalling. We never skimp on safety. Since 2004 we have had a 100% safe rating in over a million babysitting jobs. Our spyglass safety seal means that every professional sitter has passed three screening levels before activation, of course one being a private investigator screening.

$250 Value Per Sitter: Free To Members

Background Screenings are included with
membership and conducted on every referred sitter. Every investigation is customized for the need of the sitter, we never let a database do the work. The screening includes but is never limited to the following areas:

Profile Screening and Experience History Analysis

Verification of identity, experience and S.T.Y.L.E. qualifications. Due dilligence in verifying references and identity.

Face to Face Interview Process

Your local owner meets every sitter and conducts a face to face interview.

Licensed Private Investigator Developed Screening Process

30 years of private investigative history goes into the success of every investigation.

FBI Style Enhanced Security Background Investigation

No question is left unturned, undercover investigative techniques to identify reliability and safety characteristics.

Criminal and Civil History Search Including all locations lived, not limited to 7 years

Our investigations are never limited. If we need to go back 20 years and search multiple states to get all the info needed, we will.

National warrants, sex offender and SSN Trace

These are just the basic searches, but what sets us apart is that a live person is reviewing this information and you are not ever relying on a database.