Are you looking for a way to engage your children in a positive and fun experience this summer but are unsure as to how? SeekingSitters is now offering At Home Summer Camp! This program is designed for children to be actively engaged in camp-like activities from the comfort of your home! The campers will be organized into virtual groups that will then compete for prizes! Each family is given a private counselor that will lead the daily craft projects and other activities. This means that the parents do not have to worry about planning activities at all, we will do that for you! Check out "Summer Fun" and "Kid Activities and Adventures to Enjoy This Summer" published by the Tulsa World for more information on this program and other activities to enjoy this summer!

If you would like to join our At Home Summer Camp program, please sign up here. If you are already a SeekingSitters member, please let us know when you would like to join this program and we will get it set up for you immediately.  If your children have friends that would like to participate as well, make sure that their parents sign up as well and then let us know. We will ensure that they are put on the same team!