Do you really know who you are leaving in your home alone with your kids? Nearly every babysitting service ensures that their babysitters have had a background check these days. If you search for your own babysitter then you may even run a background check on them yourself through a "background check" company. The truth is that very few services actually do a thorough background screening on candidates in any industry.Trusting a stranger at home alone with your children is one of the scariest things for any parent, so we want to ensure that every babysitter that we hire is someone that we would feel comfortable letting in our own homes to watch our children. SeekingSitters requires every babysitter to be Spyglass Safety Seal certified, this is how SeekingSitters has maintained a 100% safety rating since the company's creation in 2004.

Being Spyglass Safety Seal certified means that our babysitter has gone through an intense six step screening process and have been proven to be trustworthy and reliable. This process starts where every company stops: the "background check". The initial background check includes an SSN trace, checking if they have any outstanding warrants, and verifying that they are not a registered sex offender. This is where most companies stop, but for us, this is only just the beginning. The next steps that we take include an analysis of related experience, criminal and civil history search (not limited to seven years), licensed private investigator screening, FBI style background investigation, and finally a face to face interview. We take all these steps so that all our members can rest easy when they see any of our babysitters, because all of them have earned the Spyglass Safety Seal.

Not only are our babysitters going to give you a peace of mind because of the Spyglass Safety Seal, but all our babysitters are actively engaged with every child that they look after. It is typically expected that a babysitter will come over and will "watch" your children by simply being in the house while they watch television or play on their cell phone. What is surprising to our members is that all our babysitters make sure that they are always engaged with your children. They come prepared with a bag full of fun activities and will even adjust activities based on your child and their preferences. Not only that, but all our babysitters make sure to clean up after any activities that they facilitate and will be ready to do it all again the next day. Sign up today to get a Spyglass Safety Seal certified babysitter that you can trust.