Do you offer background investigations?

At SeekingSitters, we perform an in-depth background investigation on every sitter that is referred through our service. Our In-depth Sitter Screening digs deeper than typical background screening.

We have in-house licensed private investigators who perform every screening. Sitter and member screenings are also something that is part of our service, no extra cost! We know that we have the most reliable and trustworthy sitters being sent to your home.

What are sitter qualifications?

At SeekingSitters, we handpick the most responsible, qualified and trustworthy sitters for our Babysitting Team. Our Contract Professional Sitters are at least 18 years old and the average age is 25. Each sitter has extensive experience working with kids and must have current CPR and First Aid Certifications.

SeekingSitters referred Sitters have S.T.Y.L.E.! S:afety is the number one priority and we make sure all of our sitters can handle any emergency situation. T:ime is used wisely with age appropriate activites planned. Sitters engage with fun activities and are encouraged to stay off phones and electronics! Our sitters don't Y:ack or text on their cell phones. They arrive at your home L:ooking professional and ready to work. Most importantly, they prepare for their E:xit by making sure the house looks the same or better as when you left.

Can I get the same sitter every time?

We always work to send you the same sitter on each of your requests but we cannot guarantee the same sitter with on-demand events. But when you begin using SeekingSitters you will find excellence with every sitter!

If you want to have the same sitter we recommend a regular event. Regular events are scheduled around your needs and with the same sitter and you can cancel if the sitter is not needed. Please see information on cancellations below.

Can I meet the sitter in advance?

One of the best features about using our service is that we do all of the leg work for you when it comes to finding a qualified sitter. Not only do we thoroughly screen and background check each of our sitter applicants, but we personally interview the sitters and check up to three references. Keep in mind that we always listen to our members and greatly value your feedback. If you ever feel like you do not have a positive match with your sitter, all you have to do is call your local office.

If you still would like to meet the sitter in advance, you can book a shorter meet-n-greet event. Contact your local office for details.

How much notice do I need to give? Am I guaranteed a sitter?

We fill last minute requests everyday and work hard to make sure we fill every request.

To guarantee you are going to have a sitter fill your request, please submit your request seven days in advance.

Can I sign up today and get a sitter today?

Our membership application is easy, you can sign-up, put a rush on your background check and start requesting your sitters today. For more information, contact your local office.

All membership applications are subject to background screening approval.

How do I pay the sitters?

We make the process very simple for you. With convenient online payment processing there is no more running to the ATM during the late night. You can even look up past invoices or tip the sitters on your credit card if you like.

Please note that all transactions are processed through SeekingSitters online payment processing vendor, OBT Online and your credit card statement will reflect OBT (Online Business Transactions).

What is SeekingSitters and how does it work?

SeekingSitters is a national on-demand babysitter referral service. We are Safe Match Experts and do all the work for our members and sitters to help solve any child care delimma.

We have a team of actively working professional sitters who we refer out to our families based on the family's specific need. Whether one-time, full-time or part time, group event or regular event need, we have you covered!

We also are your one-stop solution for safe babysitting and childcare products.

Are your sitters willing to drive my children around to activities or do extra work?

Some of the sitters are comfortable driving your children but that would definitely be something you must directly negotiate with your sitter.

As far as doing extra household chores, our sitters’ primary focus is childcare and spending the time with your kids. The house will definitely be picked up from any activities during the babysitting event and the kids will have a great time! If you have questions about what is required of our sitters, please contact your local SeekingSitters office.

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