SeekingSitters has been expanding across the country for the past eighteen years, dedicated to bringing the highest quality of safe, reliable childcare to cities across America. Angela Rose is one of our newest and most diligent local owners that we originally launched in Houston during summer 2021, who has also expanded to the Kingwood Humble area! Angela has been able to connect with many families in the Houston area for the past nine years, and she continues to bring the high quality of SeekingSitters services to the east Texas area. She is able to serve many member families with an expansive Sitter team, and she is an invaluable addition to our local ownership team. Please congratulate Angela on her expansion with SeekingSitters! 


If you are interested in learning more about the process and benefits of being a local owner with us, donâ€â„¢t hesitate to reach out! Set up a call with us at and schedule a call with Liz, our Owner Launch Administrator, at are always looking for hardworking and dedicated local owners to add to our team and we would love to show you what SeekingSitters can offer you and your community!





Angela Rose, Houston North & Kingwood Humble, 281-344-2182