In an article in the Tulsa World by Ginnie Graham, SeekingSitters has been put at the forefront of explaining the holes in current respite care programs. Respite care is most commonly temporary relief given to parents through babysitters. One of the largest problems with current respite care programs is that parents are unable to afford quality babysitters. These families require safe and reliable relief, something that is not commonly found through most respite care programs. SeekingSitters CEO, Adrienne Kallweit, found that the number one problem with the Department of Human Services (DHS) is finding reliable respite care for foster, adoptive, and reuniting families. What can be done to help those families that need safe and reliable care the most?

SeekingSitters has created a nonprofit Child Respite Resource program that directly raises money to help these families find qualified providers. To put it in perspective, DHS gives up to $150 a year for respite care. It is estimated that $1920 per year (or $480/quarter) would be required to hire a qualified provider to work every other weekend. These children need a babysitter who can best predict their needs and who understands what they are going through. This foundation is designed to help subsidize the cost for families in these respite care programs so that they can get the assistance that they require.

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