How can children stay entertained this summer while staying safe at home? Parents now have the option to join the At-Home Summer Camp program by SeekingSitters! This summer camp is enjoyed on a week-long basis (or more if preferred) and is completed with or without the accompany of parents. SeekingSitters plans all of the activities for the children and assigns them to groups. These groups are then assigned a camp counselor and are given opportunities to work both individually and as a group (virtually). With over sixteen years of experience in the babysitting industry, SeekingSitters has been able to develop a summer camp program that works perfectly with any needs or requirements of any parent or child.

With more than three unique activities and a unique theme each day, At-Home Summer Camp is the perfect way to keep any child entertained and engaged this summer! To ensure the best possible experience for each camper, we have assigned our best babysitters to the counseling team. Each babysitter on the team has years of experience with all ages! Our trained and vetted babysitters are prepared to handle any and all situations on the fly! If you are looking for the best opportunity for your children this summer, look no further! To learn more about the SeekingSitters At-Home Summer Camp program or to sign up, please click HERE. We look forward to meeting all of our campers this summer!