When asked what the best part of being on the SeekingSitters team was, former babysitter Harmony Blackburn said that it was the connections she made with the children and their families. She noted that working for SeekingSitters was "more than just a job", and that it provided life changing opportunities.

Harmony formed personal bonds with every family that she worked for, so much so that a little girl asked her mother if they could adopt Harmony at the end of one of her babysitting events. She was always there for significant life events, such as the first day of school and pregnancy announcements. These connections that she made with the children and their families remain strong today as Harmony is still in contact with many of them and some even attended her wedding years later!

Throughout her babysitting career with SeekingSitters, Harmony was able to travel across the country with the families, while using her free time to earn a degree in elementary education. She worked as a babysitter for nine years before becoming an elementary school teacher. In that time she said that she grew the confidence to not only watch after children, but also to teach them and even start a family of her own!

While working as a babysitter at SeekingSitters for nine years from 2004 to 2013, Harmony was able to earn her elementary education degree debt free, travel across the country, and was able to pay off a condo before the age of 25. Today she spends her time as a stay at home Mom, as well as volunteering for the Emergency Infant Services.