Some often wonder why others would choose babysitting over other jobs opportunities. Chrystin Canales, a professional SeekingSitters babysitter, has an answer to why babysitting is one of the best jobs in the world. The memories shared with the children and their parents will last throughout their lives. For example, Chrystin and Becca, her sister, work for some of the same families. Chrystin began to talk to a pair of four year old twins about how Becca left to study abroad in Spain. Chrystin asked, "Do you know where Miss Becca is right now?" One of the children immediately answered "Oh I know! On another planet!" However, this is not the extent of the good memories Chrystin has made over the years.

Chrystin started babysitting when she was ten years old, being the oldest of five children. She furthered her experience by volunteering at summer camps and tutoring at her school. She joined SeekingSitters in 2014 and still works for the family that she was placed with five years ago.

Chrystin has had the opportunity to work for two separate families regularly for over the course of five years while attending college. During these five years, she has managed to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis while still attending every recital, birthday party, parent teacher night, and more for each of her regular families. However, one of her regular families attended her graduation to return the favor. Chrystin had explained to one of the children over the course of one month about what a graduation is. Even though the child still did not fully understand the concept of a graduation, she was the first one to run and hug Chrystin after graduating because she knew that it was a celebration for Chrystin.

This, to Chrystin, is the most rewarding part of being a babysitter. Every year, Chrystin and Becca get Christmas cards from families they've worked for in the past, have been offered places to stay, and have been given shadowing opportunities to thrive in their careers. Today, through SeekingSitters, Chrystin has been able to complete her Bachelor's Degree on a flexible schedule, rent out a place to live, purchase a car, pay out of pocket for a semester of college, and continues to pursue her Master's Degree to this day. She says that babysitting has been a big part of her life and that she is grateful for the opportunity to meet new friends and make new memories.