"Don't show this to Mom." This is a quote from a child that SeekingSitters babysitter Marilyn Schwartz looks after. Michael, one of three children that Marilyn babysits, was having fun on the counter and 'making a mess', so Marilyn started singing the jingle "you make a mess and you clean it." Realizing how good of an opportunity this was to record what he was doing, Marilyn pulled out her phone and started videoing him. After realizing he was being recorded, he turned to Marilyn and said "Don't show this to Mom."

Michael is one of three children, with his twin sister Kennedy and their older brother Jason. Despite being twins, Marilyn noted that both Michael and Kennedy are 'as different as night and day'. Michael likes spending time drawing and Kennedy enjoys going out and doing 'girl things' and 'hanging out'. Marilyn has been a part of their lives since infancy, but she originally started by babysitting their older brother Jason. Jason enjoys doing a variety of activities, such as playing games, creating unique crafts, and playing chef. Marilyn enjoys her time with each child equally and considers these children as her own grandchildren and they see her as a grandmother figure.

Marilyn came into SeekingSitters having already worked in child care as a teacher, volunteer staff, and a nanny. She now has over 30 years of experience, including her time spend with SeekingSitters since 2007. She is grateful for the opportunity to have met so many awesome families to become a babysitter, friend, and grandmother figure. We are equally grateful for having Marilyn as a babysitter over the years!