These crafty binoculars are made from completely recycled materials and are perfect for any babysitting event!

Things you will need:

2 empty toilet paper rolls
Colored paper

How to make Fun DIY Binoculars:

Step 1: Take the toilet paper rolls and place on top of the colored paper
Step 2: Measure the width of the toilet paper rolls on the paper and cut into two strips (half of most paper)
Step 3: Pour glue all around one toilet paper roll
Step 4: Wrap one of the strips of colored paper around the toilet paper roll
Step 5: Repeat Steps 3-4 for the other toilet paper roll
Step 6: Glue or tape the two toilet paper rolls together side-by-side
Step 7: Use any paper scraps to cut out little designs (like hearts or animals) and glue/tape them to the toilet paper rolls
Step 8: With adult supervision, cut out two small holes near one end on each toilet paper roll
Step 9: Cut a strip of string/yarn long enough to fit through the holes and around your head
Step 10: Put on end of the string/yarn through one of the cut outs near the end of the toilet paper rolls and make a knot
Step 11: Take the other end of the sting/yarn and put it through the other cut out on the opposite toilet paper toll and make a knot
Step 12: Cut off any excess string/yarn at the ends 
Step 13: Have fun!

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