Creating crafty cards is a great activity for any babysitting event!

Things you will need:

Colored card stock (or similar material)
Rock or table salt
Food coloring (any colors)
Large bowl

How to create Crafty Cards:

Step 1: Grab a large container to work in
Step 2: Place your colored card stock paper into the container
Step 3: Pour the glue onto the paper in any pattern that you like (For example: a butterfly or a heart)
Step 4: Cover the entire paper in salt
Step 5: Shake off the excess salt in the container
Step 6: Place drops of food coloring on top of the salt to give your design color
Step 7 (Optional): Mix colors together in another separate container, then add a tablespoon of water for unique colors
Step 8: Let sit until fully dry
Step 9: Have fun!

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