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SeekingSitters business ownership has never been more exciting! You are provided with all the tools to get started and have access to expert mentorship and on-demand support for your business growth needs.

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For only $1500 you can activate your account and start your entreprenurship journey. There are no on-going monthly royalties or expensive renewal fees. You simply pay a monthly software fee and monthly brand license, which total around $500 per month.

Once you create your account with Gig Bigwig, you are able to select your SeekingSitters license plan. Select the option based on content management support you want to grow. Click the button below for more details.

Meet Other SeekingSitters Owners

Each owner is not only an entreprenur growing a business in their location community, they are also moms of young children. They put family first but still get to keep their business brain in check. Click here to view the list of locations and meet the owners.

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Safety Star

Work with a brand name that has 100% safety record! We pride ourselves on our safety.

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Fast business launch, you can be up and running in days!

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We work with you as you grow your asset.

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You will love being part of a group of success. Your chance to shine!