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"I love how SeekingSitters is flexible and sends me jobs around my schedule! It is so much fun to meet all the families and they are always so sweet!"
- Laura R., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I love SeekingSitters and have so much fun with the kids! Thanks for all your support and help! You guys are the greatest!"
- Sharon M., Owasso, Oklahoma

"SeekingSitters is great for me because the schedule is flexible around my college classes, the families are fun and I have met several friends through the CSO."
- Harmony D., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I love SeekingSitters because it is tons of fun and SO flexible. I love how it is something new everyday and the kids are so much fun!!"
- Ashley W., Owasso, Oklahoma

"I just wanted to say Thanks for all the positive feedback you give us. I have never been on a team that always gives positive feedback and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it!"
- Ashley W., Owasso, Oklahoma

"I discovered that caring for children is something I am passionate about. SeekingSitters has given me the opportunity to do something I love. The appreciation from the families and from SeekingSitters staff is wonderful encouragement."
- Vicky B., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"SeekingSitters is the best! I love everyone and all of the families are amazing with wonderful and fun kids! The flexibility is great, I wish I had found SeekingSitters sooner!"
- Courtney F., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"SeekingSitters has been a wonderful opportunity for me. They have been really good about my schedule and finding me hours when I need them. Trying to be a sitter full time plus family constraints can make for a tight schedule but they have really stepped up. Thanks."
- Mecca, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"My first event with SeekingSitters was last night. I had so much fun with the 4 children. I can't believe I'm getting paid for this. I'm ready to meet some more great children. Thanks again for the opportunity and the flexibility!"
- Christina Tulsa, Oklahoma

"SeekingSitters has given me the opportunity to go to college full time and be referred to families full time. Alicia & Scott have worked around my college schedule from the first day I joined the sitting team. Alicia & Scott have been very supported in anything that comes across my path. They are the best! The hours are very flexible for a college student or anybody. The families are fantasic! All the families give you positive feedback. Every single family is different and special. You experience something new with every family. I hope to see you on our SeekingSitters team!"
- Cara P., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"SeekingSitters has given me the opportunity to do something meaningful with my time and still make a good wage. I'll never get over the fact that I get PAID to color pictures, talk in silly voices and help kids!"
- Alicia O., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"SeekingSitters is amazing, hands down!! The families are great, the kids are one of a kind, David and Adrienne work very hard to make sure the the families, their children, and the staff are well taken care of!! SeekingSitters is so flexible, I get to post my own availability. SeekingSitters will not disappoint you! The flexibility is great!! =)...Hope to see you on the team!"
- Hayden C., Glenpool, Oklahoma

I absolutely love working for SeekingSitters! It has been an amazing experience and they are very flexible with my schedule. I get the honor of meeting great families and have a great time with the children! I am proud to be a part of SeekingSitters!
- Julisa C, Marlborough, MA

As a grandmother, I was looking for a job that would allow me to travel and see my granddaughter. SeekingSitters provides the flexibility for which I was looking! When I am home, I am available to babysit 6 days a week. When I decide to go visit my son and his family, I simply take off the time I plan to be out-of-town. I recommend this for anyone who loves caring for children and is looking for a part-time job. I really appreciate the families I have met through SeekingSitters!
- Gwendy, Centennial, Colorado

I appreciate that SeekingSitters allows its professional sitters the freedom to choose their own schedules. We can work as much (or as little) as we want! As a college student, this provides me the comfort of knowing I won't be tied down with a job on the night of a big exam. I'm blessed to be a member of such a great sitting team.
- Kristin, Fort Worth, TX

I love that they work with my schedule and match me with families that work for me.
- Eva, Broken Arrow, OK

I absolutely LOVE working for SeekingSitters! The OFFICE TEAM is amazing. The CLIENTS are amazing. The CHILDREN are amazing!! SeekingSitters is flexible, safe, and organized. What more can a Sitter ask for?!?
- Seany D., Tulsa, Oklahoma

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