Professional Sitter Information

If you are an experienced Professional Sitter looking for jobs that fit around any schedule, SeekingSitters may be the solution for you. Whether you are looking for a full schedule or a few jobs here and there – SeekingSitters will go to work for you!

SeekingSitters is a Professional Sitting referral service that connects background screened members to pre-screened and approved Professional Sitters. We work hard on behalf of every sitter to find jobs around the sitters' specific schedule. Our sitters vary in age and personality but they all have a love for children. We believe this is really the best service for Professional Sitters. 

Safety First: Member Screening

SeekingSitters was built on a foundation of safety, and the safety of our sitters is every bit as important to us as the safety of our members. To ensure the safest possible experience for everyone involved SeekingSitters performs thorough background screenings on every sitter and member that applies.

Through our in-house investigation company we are able to perform a thorough investigation of every applicant. In addition to potential member families and member companies even event locations will be verified when a sitting event takes place outside of the home.

Every background screening is performed by an in-house investigator who personally reviews public records. Each investigation relies not only on database information but is reviewed by an investigator to avoid details that can be easily overlooked by somebody with less experience. To find out more information about our extensive screening process including what type of information is reviewed click here.

Personalized Customer Service

In addition to screening our members when they apply, we are always available to listen to and support our sitters if they have a situation arise at a member's home that makes them uncomfortable. We do everything in our power to make sure every sitter feels that she is in a safe environment and able to perform her duties as a professional sitter to the best of her ability.

Jobs Around Your Schedule

As a professional babysitter working through SeekingSitters, you set your schedule and SeekingSitters goes to work for you, finding you the jobs you need tailored around your schedule.

Sound Interesting?

First things first - do you meet the following requirements:

  • Are you at least 18 years of age?
  • Do you have professional sitting experience with children or all ages (infant to 12 years-old) or professional pet sitting experience?
  • Do you have reliable transportation?
  • Do you have CPR and First Aid certification (or are you willing to get certified)?
  • Do you have positive references from previous childcare or pet sitting  employers?
  • Do you have daily internet access?

If you answered "YES" to all those questions and are interested in being considered for a spot on SeekingSitters' Professional Sitting team please complete our online form and we will begin reviewing your information.

Hear what our sitters have to say about working with SeekingSitters: feedback available for your review.

Professional Sitting S.T.Y.L.E.

Safety: Safety is each Certified Sitters' 1st Priority. Each Professional Sitter is licensed in CPR and First Aid and SeekingSitters monitors the status of their certifications.

Time: Certified Sitters use their time wisely by interacting with children by engaging in play or activities. T.V. time is kept to a minimum. Each sitter arrives with a backpack full of fun activities tailored around each child's age. Additionally, the sitter is required to arrive on time to each sitting event!

Yack: Yacking on the cell phone or with visitors is limited only to emergencies. Certified Sitters take their job seriously!

Look: Each sitter referred through SeekingSitters represents the overall look and mannerism of a Professional Sitter. Sitters arrive in their SeekingSitters T-shirt so that they are recognizable when arriving at your home.

Exit: When leaving a family's home, your Certified Sitter leaves your home as it was or better than when they arrived; picking up toys, dishes, etc. from the baby sitting event.

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