Babysitting S.T.Y.L.E.™

Safety: Safety is each Professional Sitters' 1st Priority. Each Professional Sitter is licensed in CPR and First Aid and SeekingSitters monitors the status of their certifications.

Time: Professional Sitters use their time wisely by interacting with children by engaging in play or activities. T.V. time is kept to a minimum. Each sitter arrives with a backpack full of fun activities tailored around the sitting event.

Yack: Yacking or texting on the cell phone or with visitors is limited only to emergencies. Professional Sitters take their jobs seriously!

Look: Each sitter referred through SeekingSitters represents the overall look and mannerism of a Professional Sitter. Sitters arrive in a SeekingSitters T-shirt so that they are recognizable when arriving at your home.

Exit: When leaving a family's home or group event, your Professional Sitter makes sure that your home is as it was or better than when they arrived.

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