Our #1 Priority

Simply put - SeekingSitters' number one priority is SAFETY!

Thank you for entrusting your children’s safety with SeekingSitters referred Professional Sitters.

This is my mission, to help families nationwide understand the importance of a proper screening in hopes to stop unnecessary harm that could have been prevented had a thorough background screening been performed.

I personally know why it is so important to perform a thorough background investigation on every sitter that cares for your children. Through these experiences, I work to build the safest sitting community for families across the nation. Click here to read the full story of How We Got Started.

As a mom of three young children, I personally know the anxious anticipation when awaiting the sitter, wondering if she has been screened properly, does she have her CPR and First Aid, will she engage with my children. But the minute the door opens and we see the bright pink SeekingSitters t-shirt and S.T.Y.L.E. bag, my worries are alleviated. I remember the process that the sitter undergoes and know that she wouldn’t be at my doorstep if she hadn’t passed all the tests to become a SeekingSitters referred Professional Sitter. We treat every screening this way:

We wouldn't send a sitter into your home that we wouldn't be comfortable having in our own!

Adrienne Kallweit

Licensed Private Investigator and SeekingSitters Founder

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The Truth Behind "The Check"

It is important for a consumer to understand that there is no such thing as "instant" results on a true background investigation. A company claiming to run a "background check" on someone could merely be retrieving online data and passing it on to you without any further verification of the information - this is not a background investigation! Such "background check" data retrieval providers merely scratch the surface of a person's character profile history.

Recently NBC Chicago ran a story on two national caregiver match sites that claimed to perform a background check on approved sitters, but the truth found by the investigative reporter was that the site’s background checks were missing vital information about the subjects’ background history: Criminal Records, Traffic Citations and even a Prostitution Conviction. This story helped explain exactly what SeekingSitters has worked to convey since the company was founded in 2004: Not all background investigations are the same! SeekingSitters hands on investigations digs deeper to eliminate missed information.

Click here to read the full story and details of criminal records missed on the sitter applicants.

As found in the NBC Chicago article, the online check missed vital criminal information which could have been due to factors such as incorrectly inputted data when searching or lack of online databases searched. But the greatest reason that the records were missed was that the “background check” was not performed by a REAL PERSON. At SeekingSitters an actual investigator performs every investigation, digging deeper into the background information rather than simply relying on a computer to process information.

There are tragic cases every day that illustrate the lack of thorough background screening practices or even skipping the background screening process all together by taking a friend’s recommendation. SeekingSitters’ mission has always been: Safety First, a mission to inform families of the importance of a thorough background investigation on any caregiver that you entrust into the lives of your children. We package the cost of screening into the service because we don’t ever want a family to skip this step to save a few dollars. A thorough investigation is invaluable.

There is nothing more precious than your children and at SeekingSitters, we make it our First Priority to build a safe sitting community for your family.

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