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2006 First Franchise Sale
2010Hundreds of locations nationwide
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Licensed Private Investigator Mom's Babysitting Business Franchise

Adrienne Kallweit

SeekingSitters Franchise Systems, Inc. is a new, fast-growing franchise that has found a unique solution to an age old problem: finding a good babysitter when you need one. SeekingSitters uses modern day technology of an interactive website to help families find safe, reliable child care 24-7. The founder is a mom of three who saw a problem, found a solution and turned it into a multi-million dollar company.

"Private Eye Mom" Adrienne Kallweit founded SeekingSitters in 2004 after struggling with her own child care needs. She was running her Private Investigation Firm and wanted to hire her son's preschool teacher. She ran the teacher's background investigation and was shocked at what she found: a variety of charges that raised questions about the teacher's character. Yet, the teacher was still working at a public school. That's when Adrienne started "seeking out her own sitters" that passed her stringent background checks and could work around her unpredictable schedule.

She saw a greater need - not just in her hometown - but nationwide. On family trips to Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas they faced the same dilemma: they couldn't find a good sitter they could trust. So on a 7 hour drive from Austin back to Tulsa, she and her husband wrote their business plan and launched their website that night. SeekingSitters was born.

Since their first babysitting job in 2004, SeekingSitters has grown to over 5000 babysitting jobs monthly servicing hundreds of locations. Adrienne and David are committed to making sure that childcare is offered in a safe and reliable method in all 50 states. They have built the business without debt, funding their business as they grew.

Adrienne and husband David, Bella, Ethan and Canaan


In November 2007 they won Tulsa's 1st Annual Entrepreneurial Spirit Award and won $25,000 to invest in building their franchise.

In April, 2008, Working Mother Magazine named SeekingSitters one of the "Top Women-Owned Businesses"

In May, 2008, SeekingSitters was featured on "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch" on CNBC.

In May 2009, SeekingSitters was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

In August 2009, SeekingSitters was featured on CNN segment "How We Got Started"

In November 2009, SeekingSitters was featured on CNN-Headline News "Small Business Success"

In September 2010, SeekingSitters was honored as Inc. Magazine's top 500 fastest growing private companies for 2010.

Safest Sitting Solution

Kelly - SeekingSitters Contract Professional Sitter

SeekingSitters provides the same unique, reliable and trustworthy service in every franchise location. And the service provided includes a properly performed background screening on each SeekingSitters referred babysitter and each family that utilizes the service. These background investigations are performed through SeekingSitters in-house investigation company, Hide and Seek. Hide and Seek was founded in 1978 and from 30 years of investigative experience, they know that pertinent personal character information can be overlooked unless an in-depth background investigation is performed on an individual; therefore, an intense hands-on background check is performed on every sitter. This thorough background check process in conjunction with SeekingSitters one-on-one interview process is how SeekingSitters babysitting service can find and screen the best sitters possible.

SeekingSitters also provides an excellent place for Professional Sitters to find work

SeekingSitters has given me the opportunity to go to college full time and work full time. The owners have worked around my college schedule from the first day I started working there. The owners have been very supportive in anything that comes across my path. They are the best bosses a girl could ever have! The hours are very flexible for a college student or anybody. The families are fantastic! All the families give you positive feedback. Every single family is different and that is what I loved about working with them. You experience something new with every family. - Cara P. OKC, OK

All approved sitters have undergone a thorough screening of the following areas:
  • One-on-one interview with a SeekingSitters' manager, determining that each approved sitter meets SeekingSitters babysitting S.T.Y.L.E.
  • Verification of previous childcare experience including but not limited to reference verification and work history review
  • Personal Identity Verification, Fraud Alerts Verification
  • Local and National Sex Offender Network Check
  • Criminal Record searches, state and local county records
  • Education Verification
  • Fiduciary responsibility evaluation
  • Personal Character Evaluation (based on several variables identified in the background check process as well as through a one on one interview with SeekingSitters personnel)

It is important that we not only screen our sitters but check out the members as well. Each family is screened for identity verification and sex offender records.

Contract Professional Sitters with Sitter Bag

Unique Service

SeekingSitters has changed the way you think of a "Babysitter"

SeekingSitters Babysitter Referral Service is Reliable, Convenient, and Trustworthy.

SeekingSitters families can Rely on their local owner to work for them and find a sitter for each specific need. One call to SeekingSitters or simply request online and an available prescreened Certified Sitter contacts you. SeekingSitters service provides Convenience to busy families by offering online services for scheduling, invoice tracking and sitter profile review. Your local SeekingSitters office is even available around the clock for your last minute needs. And most importantly, with SeekingSitters you know you are using a service you can Trust. All Certified Sitters have extensive experience and have been thoroughly background screened. Only the most qualified are accepted into the SeekingSitters Babysitting Team and SeekingSitters continually gathers and reviews member feedback in order to continue to refer the most qualified professional sitters.

Our experience with creating websites for our previous business has played a major role in designing SeekingSitters' unique website that is unlike any other in the nation. WWW.SEEKINGSITTERS.COM  is not only a source for its members of finding and ordering on-call background-screened and experienced babysitters, and paying for the sitters on our website, but it also is a SAFE source of work for hundreds of Professional Sitters across the nation who need to find that niche job to fit the hours they would like to work, either full-time or part-time. WWW.SEEKINGSITTERS.COM  has three components on our website for those interested in children's welfare when it comes to "Easy, Safe Babysitting Solutions" - there is a site within our site for "Families" and for "Babysitters" and, a site within our site for "Franchises." Please take a look at our website and see how easy it is to hire a babysitter who has undergone an intense background check and knows and loves children; or how great it would be for a college student to actually have a steady income at the hours they need; or how exciting it would be to be for a young couple with children to find a lucrative franchise they could operate from their home on their iPhone and be stay-at-home moms and dads!

Albany/Saratoga, NY Franchise Owners

Website Traffic

Month Hits
May 2012 5,167,882
April 2012 5,586,009
March 2012 5,049,442
February 2012 4,759,487
January 2012 4,894,917

SeekingSitters has grown to more than 5000 members nationwide!

The service provided by SeekingSitters is above and beyond what one normally thinks of as simply "finding a babysitter". Rather than solely relying on recommendations from friends, you gain access to some of the best sitters in Tulsa who not only have been thoroughly screened, but who have been used throughout Tulsa and receive continuous education and monitoring from SeekingSitters. The girls come in confident, enthusiastic and with an age specific plan for each child. I often come home to art projects created while I am away. I have used the service in a variety of ways - for normal babysitting needs, for an extra pair of hands, and for traveling with my family during vacation. I cannot express enough how confidant I am to leave my three children in the hands of these capable professionals. - Kristi P., Tulsa

Moms to Moms

Home based business run by moms...designed to help other moms at home.

SeekingSitters was founded in 2004, franchising started in July of 2006 and already seven franchises and three company owned units are successfully in operation.

The goal through franchising is two part: 1) To spread SeekingSitters across the nation so that families everywhere can come to trust a name for on-call, in-home childcare service; 2) To be able to help other moms and dads own their own successful business that allows them flexibility with their family.

"It is a gift to be able to spend time with our three children and also be able to have a career that we enjoy, and sharing this privilege with other entrepreneurial-minded moms and dads has been a wonderful and exciting experience." said Adrienne Kallweit.

The other SeekingSitters locations are growing at a fast pace and each location is enjoying the fun and flexibility of being self-employed. Typically the primary operations (in all existing locations) are managed by the wife and the husband works another job. We are very selective of the owners that have started a SeekingSitters; it is very important that they share the same values on which SeekingSitters was established: Time for Family, Fun in Business, Mom & Dad Shared Enterprise

Seeking Sitters has truly been one of the biggest blessings and best investments of our lives. We have so much more financial security, freedom of time and flexibility of schedules. I can stay at home with our toddler and help to financially secure our future. The support from home office has been immeasurable. There are constant updates to the website to make life even easier for our members, sitters, as well as owners. The entire system is so easy to use and has been well thought out that our 2 year old could probably maneuver it with ease. Corporate held our hand through the entire process and our membership has been growing by leaps and bounds in a matter of months. This company should in the next 3 years give us the financial freedom to have us both work from home.

-Alicia and Scott Champion, Oklahoma City   SeekingSitters Franchise Owner


In November 2007, SeekingSitters won Tulsa's 1st Annual Entrepreneurial Spirit Award and won $25,000 to invest in building their franchise.

In April, 2008, Working Mother Magazine named SeekingSitters one of the "Top Women-Owned Businesses"

In May, 2008, SeekingSitters was featured on "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch" on CNBC.

In May, 2009, SeekingSitters was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine.

In August, 2009, SeekingSitters was showcased on CNN's "How We Got Started" segment.

In 2010, SeekingSitters was recognized as one of the country's fastest growing, young franchises by Franchise Times. It's 2004 - 2008 average unit growth was 236.11%

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SeekingSitters Story and Segment Ideas

Screening Sitters: What Most Background Checks Miss

When it comes to your children's safety, you can never be too careful or too thorough. Founder Adrienne Kallweit is a licensed private investigator and mom of three. She can talk about what all background checks must cover - and what most online databases miss.

A New View on Nanny Cams: Proactive instead of Reactive

There are some parents who use the Nanny-Cam to monitor their sitters whether or not their childcare personnel have undergone through background investigations or experience screening process. We have all seen the nanny cam videos - a nanny neglecting or abusing a child. Often a suspicious parent set up that camera secretly hoping to catch the nanny in the act. At SeekingSitters we take a much different approach to nanny cams. Our philosophy is "proactive not reactive." We screen our sitters to assure they are going to interact with the children and be skilled and professional at their jobs and then we even encourage parents to use cameras, but be open about it. What better way to motivate a nanny or sitter to do their "best work" then to let them know you are watching. Nanny cams can be used to keep communication open between the parents and the children at home.

Thriving in a Tough Economy
Service, service, service - that is the key to staying on top.

Service, service, service: Customer service is almost non-existent, from restaurants to retail, many of us have just decided to settle. At SeekingSitters, our customer service and attention to our families' needs sets us apart. It is not uncommon for owners to be calling sitters at the last minute to fill a last minute request. In fact, our owners sometimes babysit themselves to make sure a family is covered. We hire only the best and expect only the best. That has allowed SeekingSitters to thrive as a business during a tough economy

SeekingSitters provides jobs - for many it is a second job to help get through tough times.

SeekingSitters also provides a great supplemental income for many women who need to work a second job to keep up with rising gas prices or for that stay-at-home mom who now needs to bring in an income.

Balancing it all: SeekingSitters owners offer their secrets to making it all work

All owners are moms of young children and have all figured out how to make it work with a family and running a successful business.

Secrets from a successful entrepreneur. She started a successful franchise and had three kids all before the age of 30. How did she do it?

SeekingSitters Owners Offer Their Secrets to Making it All Work. Our owners are all moms and dads who balance the responsibilities of running a business with raising a family. Many turn to founder Adrienne Kallweit for inspiration. She can provide "Secrets from a successful entrepreneur" She started a successful franchise and had three kids - all before the age of 30. Today - all are thriving and growing. How did she do it?

  • Taking a risk: Adrienne comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has seen first hand that starting a business takes risk.
  • Support from family: Adrienne works with her husband and he has been an integral part of the business since conception.
  • Hard Work: No business can be grown without hard work. Adrienne has found creative ways to build her schedule around her life. Adrienne also says it is important to balance her work schedule with her family schedule. Even if she is working with the kids, she takes time to stop at a park to play between meetings.
  • Involving your family in the business: Adrienne has always felt that it is important to involve the kids in the business. The whole family is a part of the business, and by involving the kids, it makes them feel like they are a part of mom's day.

Raising Kids and keeping it real - and real fun!

From play dates to discipline, founder Adrienne Kallweit is a great resource for any story dealing with issues related to kids. She and her franchise owners are all moms and business owners with extensive experience caring for kids. From Denver to Dallas, Seattle to San Diego, St. Louis to Little Rock - SeekingSitters has the country