SeekingSitters is committed to finding Professional Sitters Jobs Now!

At SeekingSitters we do all the work for our Professional Sitters to make the job finding process easy.  With our Jobs Now program, we work hard to provide the following to each approved Professional Sitter so that you have the Jobs when you want them!

  • Based on member requests, we work to match jobs for your schedule so that you don't have to worry about finding jobs that fit your schedule.
  • Partnership with online payment solution company provides easy on-site payment solutions for each sitting job. 
  • No worries about the family you are working for, SeekingSitters has prescreened the family for your safety! 
  • Comprehensive online Account provides unlimited access to records and job information.

With SeekingSitters personalized customer service you will always know that someone is there to reach out to for your questions or concerns.

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