Owning a SeekingSitters Babysitting Franchise

Are you looking for a great business opportunity? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a business owner? Through franchising, you can achieve your dreams!

SeekingSitters service provides an efficient and low-cost babysitter background screening process that is, bar none the best in the industry and already in place for you to easily use. This guideline of background screening will help you find the best sitters for your SeekingSitters Franchise and will help you in your decisions to rule out undesirable candidates.

Our professionally designed online programs provide time scheduling and management systems to efficiently run your Babysitting Franchise.

Your business will grow quickly because of the safe, reliable and unique service provided to families in your area!

SeekingSitters baby sitting, childcare, nanny franchise allows for a quick start-up time and minimal initial costs. The initial franchise fee and software fees can be partially funded through an affiliate of SeekingSitters.

Our company's concept is unique, there is not only limited competition across the nation, but no other babysitting company offers the quality, security and convenience of service that SeekingSitters provides. We have protected our concept through trademark and copyrights.

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If you would like more information, phone (918) 379-2026 or contact sales@seekingsitters.com and also print and fax the confidentiality agreement to: 918-749-3544.

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