Client Testimonials

"I was singing SeekingSitters praises when we were moving. It's so nice to have such dependable, high quality babysitting. Takes some of the stress out of moving. You really run a great company, thanks."
- Carmen E., North Bethesda, Maryland

"WOW! I called [my daughter] this evening to check in and asked how things were going. She was so excited and said "awesome!" She said she was having such a great time and that these sitters were helping her learn not just sitting around! What a great feeling came over me to hear her excitement and know she was being so well taken care of and that she was having an extremely positive, interactive and fun experience. Thank you Lisa [Owner of SeekingSitters DC Metro]...I am so grateful to have discovered you and your husband's service."
- Teresa H., Woodbridge, Virginia

"We have been extremely pleased with the service we have been provided. Our child has really enjoyed the company and being an only child, it's a real treat to have someone willing to spend the time making the visit a fun time."
- Tina B., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"We just finished our first week with SeekingSitters and I can't even begin to tell you how happy we are with your service! What a GODSEND! The sitters were fabulous and extremely sweet. My daughter loves them! It's great to come home and know exactly what they did each day and what/when she ate. I love that they also come prepared with activities-you've really thought of it all! What a stress relief to know we are guaranteed to have a sitter each week. Our only regret is that we didn't find SeekingSitters sooner!"
- Alicia M., Austin, Texas

"We have been using SeekingSitters since early 2011. We have had nothing but GREAT experiences! We feel so comfortable knowing that the sitters are pre-screened. Susan [Owner of SeekingSitters Phoenix] has always done an awesome job matching us up with the perfect sitters for our family. The sitters always come ready to play! They even make our daughter's dinner. We are looking forward to many more happy date nights knowing that SeekingSitters has our daughter well occupied with fun and games! Thank you SeeingSitters for giving us our Date Night Back!"
- Brenda, San Tan Valley, Arizona

"We choose SeekingSitters because I wanted to streamline the process of finding and managing babysitters. I love using a customized dashboard to request dates, pay sitters, review sitter profiles and communicate with SeekingSitters staff. Searching for sitters is more convenient and using SeekingSitters gives me a peace of mind that extensive background checks have been conducted on each sitter, including checking references. I dont have a great deal of time to locate and investigate babysitters, but I want to ensure that my kids are safe and with a responsible/loving sitter. Having a trustworthy organization do all of the legwork saves me time and gives me confidence that my children are in good hands."
- Kerri M., Boston, Massachusetts

"I really appreciate your service and your sitters are really wonderful. My husband has been out of town and your wonderful customer service has made this difficult time so much easier!"
- Kim & David, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I have really been pleased with SeekingSitters. I have told many friends about my experience with SeekingSitters and they have all been interested. All of them have said that if I trust the sitters with the boys then they must be good!"
- Nancy C., Norman, Oklahoma

"Just wanted to tell you that SeekingSitters is a God send! We just moved to Tulsa and were feeling a little trapped without any babysitters. I am VERY impressed with the sitter you sent and the way you send the invoices and e-mail responses. My life just got a whole lot better, and I can't thank you enough!"
- Randi B., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"SeekingSitters has been a blessing to my family! I have loved every sitter and they have saved me at the last minute so many times!"
- Amy C., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Dear SeekingSitters, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service. All your sitters are wonderful- there hasn't been one that was not wonderful and truly great with my son. They are all so professional!!! I think your service is wonderful!!!! Thanks"
- Laura M., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I think the monthly fee is worth it when you all can provide service like this - for those last minute needs! Tonight is my wedding anniversary and I am so thankful to SeekingSitters for saving the day! Thank you!"
- Melissa B., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Thank you for being diligently about my requests. We have really enjoyed every sitter that has come to our home. They are very professional and are great with my kids. My son ask all the time when the next sitter will be here. Thank you!! "
- Kristi H., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"The service provided by SeekingSitters is above and beyond what one normally thinks of as simply 'finding a babysitter'. Rather than solely relying on recommendations from friends, you gain access to some of the best sitters in Tulsa who not only have been thoroughly screened, but who have been used throughout Tulsa and receive continuous education and monitoring from SeekingSitters. The girls come in confident, enthusiastic and with an age specific plan for each child. I often come home to art projects created while I am away. I have used the service in a variety of ways - for normal babysitting needs, for an extra pair of hands, and for traveling with my family during vacation. I cannot express enough how confidant I am to leave my three children in the hands of these capable professionals."
- Kristi P., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Dear SeekingSitters, Just wanted to tell you how great you all are-all of your sitters are fantastic. How do you find such great people? Just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate all the sitters."
- Laura M., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"This is the first time my kids have ever stayed with a sitter and needless to say I was nervous. The sitter did a fantastic job with them. My 2 year old took right to her and my 9 year old didn't want her to leave. I am going to request this sitter every time. She even cleaned up the leftover dinner!! Thank you for making this first experience for my family with a sitter such a great one."
- Bret M., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"This was my FIRST TIME ever leaving my 19month with someone I have NEVER met in my life. It was very scared and nervous all day. The sitter was very professional, sweet and loving to my little boy. She was on time and I could tell that he had a good day when I came home from work. He was zonked out!!!! Thank you so much and I have referred to several of my friends and co-workers who are in need of help!"
- Jennifer, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I have been extremely happy with SeekingSitters. The sitters are always well qualified and every one I have used has been wonderful with my daughter. Finding a good babysitter used to be a very painful experience - now it's as easy as the click of a button."
- The Stewarts, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"This is the best investment I have made in a long time. My husband passed away in January and I've been having a hard time finding time for myself. I was taking the baby to a drop in daycare, but she's gotten sick and ended up with pneumonia three times so far this year. I tried having the neighbors watch her at my house, but that just turned into a fiasco with them showing up four or five times on other days needing something they knew I had. Sometimes the daughter would be late coming over (they live next door). One time I came home from a meeting at 10:00 pm on a school night to find both the one year old and the five year old at THEIR house, wide awake. So far I've only had wonderful experiences with your sitters. It's been such a relief to know that a sitter was going to show up when they were supposed to and would take care of AND entertain the girls and then they would go home no strings attached. Although I have to admit, the girls DO become attached to the sitters VERY quickly. You really have wonderful people working for you!!"
- Sarah, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"My husband and I had never used a sitter outside of immediate family. Our 2 year old twins and 4 month old are a handful, but we had a great experience with SeekingSitters. Our sitter was wonderful with our children and she was eager to learn how to tube feed our special needs baby....wonderful job!"
- Ricketts Family - Owasso, Oklahoma

"We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to sign up with SeekingSitters. More importantly, we were so pleased with the quality of the first sitter that came to our home. She bonded with our boys over a little dinner, cleaned up, played games with them, coordinated a craft, read books to them and had them in bed on time. Wow!"
- K.G & J.B., Newport Beach, California

"My husband and our two kids traveled from Texas to San Diego for a conference and used SeekingSitters there. It was so convenient to book our events online from our home account and work with the local owner there. Our sitter came to our hotel and entertained our children and had the best time. She even went to Legoland with us! It made taking the kids to a work conference easy and fun! Thank you SeekingSitters San Diego!"
- Jennifer, Dallas, Texas

"I just wanted to thank you for the level of service that you are giving us when you help me with Bailey and Lucas every week. I have had some sitters here that, because I am home as well, stand back and only help me out when I ask rather than jump in and help take the load of off me. You always perform as if you are here without me, and I really appreciate it! Thank you for making those days easier for me and for looking for things to do here without me even having to ask. I wanted to make sure that you know it has not gone unnoticed! Thanks again and I hope you stay with us for a long time!"
- Patti, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"We had one of your sitters and she was great! She played lots of foosball with Josh which he loves. We'll use her again too. Thanks"
- Chris P, Ft Collins, Colorado

"I wanted to Thank you so very much to Carrie my 2 boys loved her, they were asking for her the next morning, early in the She took them to the Pacific Science Center and she spent a great quality time with both of them. It's hard to put my oldest Aaron to bed at 9:00 but when we got home she finish a bedtime story and even though we just arrive and they usually get excited, they finish listening to the story and went straight to sleep. She is wonderful, very helpful and knowledgeable. I will call for her help next time which should be real soon! Thanks so much Carrie and of Course SeekingSitters for finding the perfect match for our family"
- Roxy H., Bellevue, Washington

"I was referred to SeekingSitters from a friend. I was very leary to use any type of "babysitter". My son is 8 yrs old and I have NEVER left him with ANYONE other than my spouse or his grandmother on a few occasions. Upon my initial contact with the franchise owner, I almost immediately felt at ease. I went throught the process, was very impressed they also did a check on the potential families (us) as well. I had an enormous amount of anxiety in leaving him with ANYONE especially in today's day. The sitter (Bri) was superb! My son had a blast with her. She made him feel he was the only person in the universe. They played, they colored, they ate. He can't wait for her to come back. He has asked me several times since "when can she come back". I feel so secure and confident with the choice to use SeekingSitters. Bri does an awesome job and we can't wait to have her again. If you hire her you WONT be sorry. They are awesome!"
- Donna S, Beach, California

"I only heard positive feed back from our daughter regarding her experience with your babysitters. As far as I am concerned, you saved my evenings, and I was so happy that my husband could join me for those important events every night!"
- Sylvie M., Washington D.C.

"The feedback we [Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center] received after their post-gala meeting was amazing. The Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs wrote this, "GREAT REVIEWS!!! Everyone loved [SeekingSitters] and wants to make sure [you] are available next year."
- T. Davis, Washington DC, Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center

"Thanks, for your help with [our daughter] last night. I appreciate your support! [The sitter] did a fantastic job! You really have an incredible group of sitters and we couldn't be happier."
- Leigh S., Bethesda, MD

"Your service is great! I can't believe how easy it was....request a sitter on line and boom, she shows up. [The Sitter was darling. Bright, personable, and looked me in the eye when speaking to me. She greeted both kids when she got here, and my 6 year old was not in the least bit thrilled about having a sitter. We only stayed out for a few hours as this was literally the first time we left the kids with someone they didn't know. After she left both of them couldn't stop talking about her and can't wait until she comes back! Monty and I were very pleased and I am THRILLED I have now found SeekingSitters Thanks!"
- Christy M., Defiance, MO

"I wanted to say what a wonderful service you are providing! My husband & I can't thank you enough for taking the stress of finding someone qualified off of our shoulders. Whether it is a dinner or event or just a date night, we now have you to count on! Thank you too for such wonderful people you have on your staff!"
- Heather M., St. Charles, MO

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Danielle [Sitter]. My daughter loves her so much and has such a great time with her. When they go a few weeks without seeing each other, they are so giddy and excited when they reconnect. It's wonderful to see. She makes it easy to go to work. I love that she enjoys taking my daughter out and about. She takes her to the library story time, puppet shows and apple picking. I think they're headed to a museum next week. Danielle has great energy."
- Carmen E., Bethesda, MD

"Alex [Sitter] was the greatest. She sat for our son overnight and she did a wonderful job! We have 4 children and this was the first night we left our youngest overnight with someone other than family. This was the first time that anyone showed concern and asked about separation anxiety issues with our son. He doesn't have any but I was impressed that Alex took the time to make sure it would be a pleasant transition for us leaving our little guy! Alex is wonderful and we will definitely have her back for more sitting time in the future!"
- Catherine S., Jacksonville, FL

"Our first experience with SeekingSitters was a wonderful one thanks to Barbara [Sitter]. My two year old son took to her right away and was excited to show her all of his toys. Barbara's kind and playful demeanor along with her obvious experience and confidence with young children made us feel at ease in our son's safety and care while we were gone. I would love to have Barbara back at our house soon. What a wonderful experience!"
- Mary J., Jacksonville, FL

"Our kids absolutely adored Lindsay! They did puzzles, games, made balloon animals, etc The kids had so much fun! We arrived home to both kids asleep in bed and the house picked up and quiet. Lindsay even left a little thank you note to the kids which they found when they woke up in the morning. We'd love to have her babysit for us again!"
- Kari B., Jacksonville Beach, FL

"Krista [Sitter] did an amazing job while watching my boys! She arrived a few minutes early and did lots of fun things with the boys. Both boys woke up the next morning asking if I had her number, and when would she come back. So big thank you from our family! We haven't had a babysitter in soooo long; it was way overdue and much appreciated. I felt comfortable with Krista after meeting her for a few minutes, and was able to enjoy our date night."
- Brandy B., Jacksonville, FL

Being a single Dad and new to SeekingSitters, I had no idea what to expect, when I decided to use the service for an extended out-of-town assignment. Not knowing any of the sitters, we decided to take a chance with Megan M [Sitter], and I could not have been happier! Megan was delightful, personable, and responsible. She very cheerfully took on the task of shepherding my four challenging children, with tremendous patience and poise. I am very happy to have found SeekingSitters, and to have met Megan. My children loved her, and she is a great asset to SeekingSitters. Thanks to Megan and Julie for making our event a great success.
- Robert H., Lubbock, TX

We were definitely pleased with Barbara [Sitter]! She watched our 2 kids along with a neighbor's child on New Year's Eve and did a fabulous job...even into the wee hours of the morning. Before we left, we noticed that she had already gotten the kids engaged in a dancing game, and she was dancing right along with them. She was very kind and polite. I was impressed with how she had the children clean up their eating area and put away ALL of their toys. She also ran the dishwasher and hand washed some more delicate dishes....all without being asked! I would highly recommend Barbara to other parents, and will specifically ask to use her again in the future. Thank you SeekingSitters for sending us such a competent caretaker.
- Leslie N., Atlanta, GA

"I wanted to let you know what a fabulous job Jenn did today for us. She is AMAZING! Thank you so much for your services, you truly save my life today! I will definitely be a repeat client and a walking advertisement for your company."
- Sonia V., Potomac, MD

"Mindy [Sitter] was our first experience with SeekingSitters and was a great sitter for our daughter. They played Yahtzee that night and since then we've played it with her several times as a family."
- Robert, Atlanta, GA

"Just wanted to let you know how blown away I have been by your agency. I could kick myself for not using you a long time ago. Love the sitters, love the quick response, love the professionalism. Bravo!"
- Nichole I, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"The sitters that worked the event were absolutely FANTASTIC! They entertained a room full of energetic toddlers all day - it was really quite a big responsibility. The only problem was that the kids didn't want to leave! The girls had fantastic attitudes and work ethics and they could not have done a better job. Thank you so much for putting all of this together with such short notice. I so appreciate it."
- Brett H., Boston, Massachuestts

We started using SeekingSitters a few months ago. My husband and I were attending classes on a Monday evening, and we needed a reliable sitter for a few weeks. I loved the idea of background checks, the fact you could read sitters' bios online, and the "cashless" checkout process - not having to remember to have the right change is a great feature. They truly do it all for you!!!!!! The sitters have been great, and we've had 4 different ones. Last weekend we tried the pet sitting services, and our sitter was awesome.. We LOVE this firm !!!!!
- Lesley M, St Johns, FL

I have been really happy with the sitters that have come to our home, they have been positive, high energy and really understand how to connect with kids. I have referred SeekingSitters to countless friends, it's an amazing resource and I am happy to be a part of it!
- Lisa Asch, Alamo, CA

You guys are the best! I dont know what I would do without you!! Thanks for all of your work on finding me such high quality childcare when needed!! Most Sincerely, Christy M (Seattle East Member)
- Christy M

We just had our first night out alone in two years, it was so nice; but it felt better knowing that my daughter was in good hands. I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your services. We were disappointed that Laura couldn't make it, but I was very appreciative that she put her concerns for our daughter's health first and let us know she wasn't feeling well, and then contacted you to find a replacement. We were also very pleased with Katie, she was very kind and our daughter took to her immediately. She updated us halfway through to let us know how our daughter was doing and at the end of the evening she said she hoped we would feel more confident now to leave our daughter with a sitter again and enjoy another night out. We certainly will... you and your staff exceeded our expectations, we couldn't be happier.
- Rebecca, Rockville, MD

We really enjoyed having Emily as a sitter. She arrived early and immediately began playing and getting to know the kids. Everything was picked up when we got home and she went above and beyond by putting away dishes and helping with chores that she saw needed to be completed. She left me a list of everything the kids had done, noting that certain things were completed that I requested (I.e. Lotion on my eczema child after bath). She was even sweet enough to leave each child a fun note to let them know she enjoyed spending time with them, thank one for helping, etc. I highly recommend Emily as a sitter.
- Terra, Houston-West, Katy Sugar Land, TX

I used SeekingSitters over the summer while visiting my parents in Maryland because I wanted someone to help me with taking care of my two daughters. I requested someone with a lot of energy and patience, and SeekingSitters sent me a sitter who was absolutely perfect for us and exactly what we were looking for. The sitter was incredibly trustworthy and punctual and incredible with the kids - especially since they're both under 3 which was not always easy! She knew how to handle tantrums and how to stimulate and teach my kids...I highly recommend SeekingSitters as they provide exactly what you ask!
- Dani, Rockville, MD

SeekingSitters is an amazing service! With four young children, I need care at unpredictable and unusual times and frequently with short notice. The care providers SeekingSitters has sent us are wonderful and competent people that my kids like a lot and they are always prepared and on time when I need them. The flexibility and easy this service has given my husband and me is beyond value. It has allowed us to run in early morning races together, and to go dancing again, and all with about 35 seconds of time invested in finding a sitter!
- Dora J, Towson, MD

Wow! This review is long overdue. I love this service! I have been using SeekingSitters for my 3 daughters for the last 5 years and they have never disappointed. The system is so convenient for finding last minute sitters and planning in advance. They do all the work for you to make sure that you are provided with a fun, safe, and experienced sitter. They are time savers ( and sanity savers too)! My girls are usually very excited when they hear they are getting a babysitter:)) The sitters are very engaged and play great with my girls. If the kids are happy, mom is happy. I was grateful to find this service 5 years ago and will continue to remain a loyal customer in the years to come!
- Emily M., Fort Collins, CO

Sabrina was so great with my kids. They can't wait for her to come back! She was professional and made me feel completely comfortable leaving my kids with her. Thank you!
- Amber T, Lubbock, Texas

Our family has been working with Pam Wing and her SeekingSitters team for over 2 years. With two small children and two parents working full time, both with travel schedules, childcare is extremely important. SeekingSitters always goes above and beyond to help with our babysitting needs. Their flexibility and ability to find great care givers even at short notice is second to none. I would recommend them every time. We don't know what we would do without them!
- Jessica B., Hermosa Beach, CA

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