Church Needs

SeekingSitters can help with a variety of church events which will make your on-site childcare needs easy and efficient. SeekingSitters handles finding the sitters, screening and matching Professional Sitters for your specific need. Review the general types of sitting events or visit your local area now for pricing information.

Sunday School

Make a single request from your online account or call and request directly with an area representative. We assign sitters based on your preferences, past sitter assignments and sitter availability. When your assignment has been accepted by your sitter, you will receive a notification by e-mail and the sitter will contact you directly to introduce herself.

Weekly Bible Study

If you are looking to use the same sitter on a weekly basis, a "regular event" is a great option! Any regular event (an event that reoccurs weekly) is set up with one assigned sitter with SeekingSitters coordinating any need for an unexpected substitution. Contact SeekingSitters directly for details.

Corporate Accounts

Whether it is an office party, off-site retreat or a weekend planning session, SeekingSitters can provide childcare for all of your corporate events. Also, increase office productivity by providing in-office solutions for work parties or "school's out" days.  Providing childcare benefits will help your employees relieve the worry of finding a sitter.

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Sport Teams

Let us help organize as well as add some fun to your professional team sporting events with SeekingSitters' expert care.  Whether on-site or off-site, SeekingSitters will customize a plan that will provide a great benefit to the care and entertainment of the littlest guests at the next sporting event.

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Group Events

SeekingSitters provides an expert and efficient solution for every group event.  Sitter teams arrive with organized check-in procedures and planned activities customized to your specific group event.  We will make your group event a success by taking care of all the childcare needs so that all you have to focus on is the fun!

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