Seeking Sitters Founders

David and Adrienne Kallweit

David and Adrienne Kallweit are the founders of SeekingSitters. Adrienne Kallweit is a native of Tulsa and graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Adrienne’s degree in Construction Management brought her back to Tulsa where she started her career in the construction industry and later purchased her family’s private investigation agency, Hide and Seek. After starting her family and running a successful investigation agency, she realized the need for on-call background screened childcare for her own family and recognized this need on a nationwide level as well.

In 2004 she and her husband, David Kallweit, developed the concept of SeekingSitters implementing the stringent background screening process that Hide and Seek had developed from over 30 years of investigative experience. Working mother, business owner, and licensed private investigator, Adrienne utilized her business expertise to create a company concept that is being successfully implemented in franchise locations across the country.

SeekingSitters won Tulsa’s 2007 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award and was also named as the top 25 best woman owned businesses by Working Mother Magazine for 2008. David and Adrienne have three young children and are actively involved in their community and supporting their franchise locations.

David and Adrienne grew their concept through local area franchising when they realized that it is important to have a local owner in every area personally servicing each member family. Each SeekingSitters location is owned by parents of young children who know firsthand the importance of reliable and safe in-home childcare.

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